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Driver's Education is designed to prepare and educate students about the responsibility and task of driving. Goodhue will offer two yearly sessions: April and August. Students must be at least 14 years old or older in order to participate in driver's ed. The state of Minnesota requires a minimum of 30 hours of in class instruction and 6 hours of behind the wheel. Upon completion of the classroom portion of the class and receive their blue card. Students will then take the written permit test and be eligible for their permit. Once their permit is obtained, they must complete the six hours of behind the wheel and then receive their white card. Students must have their permit for at least 6 months in order to be eligible to take their driver's test. At Goodhue, Mr. Halverson is the primary in-class instructor and Mr. Poncelet is the primary behind-the-wheel instructor, however, both are eligible to do both.

Goodhue Drivers Education Program
All registration and scheduling is completed by Jacki Ebner: [email protected].

Classroom $135
Behind The Wheel $270

Scheduling Behind The Wheel

-Drive with your parents before making an appointment with the instructors, your first time driving should not be with Mr. Poncelet or Mr. Halverson.
-Schedule driving times about 2 or 3 months prior to when you will take the test. Do not wait until May to do your BTW if your birthday is in June. We can not honor late or demanding requests.
-Space out your drives so that you have time to work on skills between sessions

How well do yo know your signs? Sign Practice:
Sign Practice Test

Practice Day 1:
Practice Test

Practice Day 2:
Practice Test

Practice Day 3:
Practice Test

Practice Day 4:
Practice Test

Toyota Drivers Challenge
"Play" the Four Different Challenges.
Record your scores, and then comment on what was difficult or easy.


Permit Test

Flex Day
1) Write one paragraph write up for each video you missed on the day of your absence.

2) Complete the worksheet from the day of your absence.

3) View any powerpoints from the day of your absence. 

4) Crash Report
Create a google doc and share with Mr. Halverson.  Research an article that is less that 6 months old that involved a crash. The MN state patrol is a good resource or read from newspaper, traffic safety journal, TV news, radio news, etc. regarding traffic crashes. In you document, include
1) cause of crash
2) location of crash, type of road
3) use of safety belt, time of crash, alcohol related
4) how could have the crash been prevented
5) a diagram showing how the crash happened

5) You will start by taking three practice tests on this site. You will do three of them by using the "pull down menu" that brings you to different test options. Take screen shots of the tests and send to Mr. Halverson. 
Practice Test Links 

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