CLEP Biology

CLEP Biology

Biology of Life is designed to be taught at an entry college-level biology course. The course will be designed to give students a college-like lecture feel, while still having the close relationship with teachers and classmates of high school. The course has two main goals: 1) have this be a class that will allow students to get used to a college-like course and 2) prepare the students for the CLEP exam which can earn the students up to six college credits. It may be to your advantage to view the CLEP Biology website to make sure you are aware of what will be covered, expected, and completed throughout our time together. I have also included the syllabus for the course.

Animals Project

Chapter Lectures and Powerpoints
**Note that these will change from time to year so it may not be exactly what we go through in class.
Chapter 1: Invitation to Biology
Chapter 2: Lifes Chemical Basis
Chapter 3: Molecules of Life
Chapter 4: Cellular Structure and Function
Chapter 5: Membrane
Chapter 6: Ground Rules for Metabolism
Chapter 7: Photosynthesis
Chapter 8: Cellular Respiration
Chapter 9: Mitosis-How Cells Reproduce
Chapter 10: Meiosis
Unit 1 Review
Chapter 11: Intro to Genetics
Genetics Problem
Chapter 12: Human Chromosomal Inheritance
Chapter 13: DNA Structure and Function
Chapter 14: From DNA to Proteins
Chapter 15: Gene Expression
Chapter 17: Evidence for Evolution
Chapter 20: Early Life on Earth
Chapter 18: Microevolution
Chapter 19: Macroevolution
Immune System
Reproductive System
Ch 21: Viruses and Prokaryotes
Ch 22: Protists
Ch 24: Fungi
Ch 23: Plant Evolution
Ch 29: Plant Tissues
Ch 30: Plant Nutrition and Transport
Ch 31: Plant Reproduction
Ch 32: Plant Growth and Development
Ch 25: Invertebrates
Ch 26: Vertebrates
Ch 28: Homeostatic Balance in Plants and Animals
Ch 34: Nervous System
Ch 35: The Senses
Ch 36: Endocrine System
Ch 37: Skeletal and Muscle
Ch 38: Cardiovascular/Circulation
Ch 39: Immunity
Ch 45: Populations
Ch 46: Community Interactions
Ch 47: Ecosystems
Ch 48: The Biosphere
Ch 49: Behavioral Ecology

Study Documents for the CLEP Exam

This interactive site is designed to give you and idea of what the CLEP will be like. It is the British version, so there could be some goofy spellings, but content is good. When you submit it will give you feedback. Great practice.

Confused on a subject? Try Kahn Academy!!

Confusing Subjects of Biology
Crash Course Biology Videos
Practice Quiz-Organismal Evolution
Practice Quiz-Enzymes
Practice Quiz-Biochemistry
Practice Quiz-Cell Membrane & Cell Parts
Practice Quiz-Respiration
Practice Quiz-Photosynthesis
Simple Animals
Mollusks and Annelids

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