Goodhue High School Envirothon
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Wetland Animals

What is Envirothon?
This is for students in grades 9-12, male and female, who have a general interest and knowledge of the outdoors. This activity will not take away from any sports you are in.

Envirothon is a fast-growing nature and outdoors competition that is extremely popular in Minnesota, but also encompasses every state in the US as well as several other countries in North America. Envirothon is somewhat of cross between a natural resources class, science class, and FFA. It takes a look at five main categories or competitions: Soil, Water, Wildlife, Forestry and Special Topic.

Regional competitions are held every year in May. At the regionals you compete against other schools in the five different competitions. If you are in the top three in the region you are awarded to go to the state competition, this  year it is at St. Johns University in Collegeville, MN.

This is not a huge time commitment, like a sport or other extra-curricular, but we will generally have short Wednesday morning and Sunday night practices where we will go over practice tests, work on our oral presentation, and research the special topic.

The state and national sites for envirothon provide quite a few resources on their websites, you can visit the national envirothon website at or the Minnesota State Site by clicking here.
Also below are various powerpoints and tests that are similar to what you may encounter at an envirothon competition. 

Forestry Things To Know

Tree Identification Powerpoint
Tree Sketch ID
Bare Tree ID Powerpoint
Tree and Leaf ID
Invasive plants and disease

What is a cord of wood
What causes forest fires
Private and Public Forests
Labeling a tree cross-section
Types of Forest Biomes
Environmental benefits of forests
Products made from trees

Multiple Choice Forestry Test Question Bank
Multiple Choice Forestry Test Question Bank Key

Wildlife Things to Know

Mammal ID Powerpoint
MN Fur and Tracks ID Powerpoint
Also see mammal videos (link on left)

Fur and Tracks Powerpoint
Insect ID
Bird ID
Also see bird video (link on left)
Fish ID
Bird, frog sounds
Food chains and food webs
Carrying Capacity
Predator-prey relationships
Waterfowl ID
Skull and Teeth ID
Wildlife habitats
Native/Non-native species
Multiple Choice Wildlife Test Question Bank
Multiple Choice Wildlife Test Question Bank Answer Key

Soils Things to Know

Soil ID
Using a Clinometer
Soil Triangle
How to texture soil
Horizon measurements
Platt Book
Topographic maps
Characteristics of Soil: pH, nitrogen cycle, porosity, phosphorus, humus
Organisms in soil (decomposers)
Humus and organic material

Water Things to Know

Seaweed ID
Aquatic Organisms
Rate of flow and stream cross-sections
Clarity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen
Fish/wildlife habitats
Invasive species (watermilfoil, zebra muscles, etc.)
Aquatic plants
Benefits of wetlands

Special Topic Things to Know

Government agencies
Funding and grants
Current studies and research
Recreational, Social, Economic and Natural Impacts