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Press Release
Both school bond questions were passed on the November 6th election. Question 1 passed by a total of 823 yes vote to 652 no votes. Question 2 passed by a total of 737 yes votes to 717 no votes.

​Press Release

The Facilities Planning Committee's new proposal cuts $3.9 million from the previous May 8 proposal. These reductions are the result of eliminating 2700 square feet of administration and office space, moving high school classrooms from above the preschool to the area directly above the new cafeteria, and by changing the construction type of the addition to be added to the east side of the school from brick and mortar to a metal building. The metal building will house a new gymnasium, a wrestling/multipurpose space, a weight room, a Health classroom, and preschool rooms. 

The revised construction plan described in the previous paragraph will be the first question on a two question ballot on November 6. Question one will ask local taxpayers to pay for $18.8 million in construction costs via a 20 year building bond. The State of Minnesota will pick up  $7.8 million for the project through equalization aid and the new Ag2School tax. A breakdown of where the funding for this project comes from is below:
    Agricultural 37.6%
    State of Minnesota 29.2%
    Residential Homestead 24.4%
    Commercial/Industrial/Utility 4.2%
    Other 4.6%

The Goodhue School Board also a approved a second bond election question. This question will only be considered if the first question is approved by the voters. Question two asks for an additional $2 million. This funding will be used to build an elevated walking track in the new gym and excavate the efficient building space underneath the new cafeteria. The excavation adds classroom space to the project. If both questions are approved by the voters, local taxpayers will pay $20.1 million of the total construction cost, and the State will pick up the tab for $8.5 million.

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